Lauren Bigelow is a Michigan-based content creator, consultant, and educator. She recently graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Design in Digital Multimedia Design. Although she has drawn and painted for many years, her college education has challenged her to work in a variety of formats. She took supporting courses in writing, marketing, public relations, and cyber law.


In addition to showing her artwork at galleries and charity events, Bigelow has digitally created media for many corporate clients including Pegasus Senior Living, Urban Science, and Metro Community Development to help expand and inspire their audiences. She also advises companies that want to improve their branding efforts and tutors students who want to learn more about creative topics.

Artist Statement

I strive to encourage curiosity and questioning in today’s digital age. Technology provides people with the opportunity to learn from a wealth of information, but not always the tools for critical thought. Without the ability to utilize the knowledge it offers, they miss opportunities to improve themselves and solve broader problems.

To communicate this message, I pair realism with abstraction. I combine lifelike vector graphics, video footage, or drawings with non-representational elements such as shapes, expressive lines, and transparent objects; all are often layered within a single frame. This distortion of real-world elements suggests that success in the modern world requires a change in perspective, and that imagination and innovation can benefit society when built upon a foundation of careful observation.

© 2020 by Lauren Renee Bigelow.