New Nourishment

Animated Website

New Nourishment is an animated website that teaches older children and teens about contemporary issues in industrial animal agriculture. It should help them better understand counter arguments or options for supporting animal agriculture not based on animal exploitation and excessive resource use. 

The website features a series of animations, illustrations, and descriptions—some of which can be revealed through interactive buttons. Viewers are informed that the use of products made from animals often facilitates the mistreatment of livestock and accelerates climate change. Since not everyone is capable or willing to make drastic dietary changes, the site also explains how members of the public can reduce their use of those products through several decisions, from only buying them locally to eliminating them altogether. This should help viewers take small steps toward making broader changes.

New Nourishment has been created during a time when meat is expected at nearly every meal, and when most meat has been industrially farmed. The project will hopefully raise awareness of animal suffering and climate change, especially among young adults, who will determine the future of ethical norms and of their environment.

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Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and AfterEffects; HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Mockup courtesy of PSD Zone

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