New Nourishment

Animated Website

New Nourishment is an animated website currently in progress that will teach older children and teens about the concerns raised by industrial animal agriculture. Movements such as veganism that fight for animal welfare and environmental protection are often seen as extreme and unsustainable, but the website aims to help people realize how sensible they truly are. 

Through a series of animations and descriptions, viewers are first informed that their use of animal products often facilitates the mistreatment of livestock and accelerates climate change. Since not everyone is ready or able to make drastic dietary changes, it also explains how they can reduce their use of those products through several levels of commitment. The website will then offer information about how people can stay healthy while limiting their consumption of animal products. 

New Nourishment has been created during a time when meat is expected at nearly every meal, and when most meat has been industrially farmed. The project will hopefully raise awareness of animal suffering and climate change, especially among young adults, who will determine the future of ethical norms and of their environment.

Project Link (Not yet optimized for mobile devices)

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and AfterEffects; HTML, CSS, and Javascript